Corporate Paintball Team Building

Fun On The Run Paintball Park, located just minutes from Downtown Fort Worth, offers paintball games. Paintball Games are bring your employees together outside of the work place and giving them a chance to have some fun together and work as a team strengthens their relationships at the work place. This will enhance Team Building, their performance and increase your productivity.

Let us show you how your company’s participation in paintball, can build camaraderie and team spirit among your work force and management groups. Introduce your employees to paintball and watch how trust is built, leadership emerges, individual and team cooperation develops, strategy planning and follow through evolve, effective communication grows, and decision making under pressure and contingency planning arise, all in the name of fun!

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Fun on the Run Paintball Park
Team Building Group Activities

Many of America's leading corporations are turning to Paintball in corporate training. Training & Development magazine recently showed American Corporations spend $800 million annually on paintball games.

Fun on the Run Paintball Park, has proven to be an extremely popular paintball park for corporate events, because paintball is excellent for team building. Fun On The Run’s team building paintball outing is designed to engage a team in an activity which demands various skills and techniques.

In working together to combat the opponent, a paintball team develops communication skills, planning and cooperation, decision-making and effective use of resources. In this way, the consolidation of a team throughout a paintball game proves to be one of the best team-building activities. This new approach to facilitation and experiential education combines the thrilling experience of a paintball game with the sequenced facilitation of an educational adventure.

Before beginning play, each person is outfitted with a paintball face mask, and a paintball marker which uses .68 caliber, water-soluble paintballs. A referee explains the safety rules, and then instructs the teams in a variety of incredibly fun and challenging games that will focus on your groups stated goals. Team Paintball is excellent for developing advanced problem solving skills, communication, and group coordination.

Paintball is a competitive game played like any other competitive game, to win. It is like a more challenging, high-stakes version of tag, hide-and-seek, or capture the flag. Because you shoot at other people and get shot at! Fun on the Run Paintball Park's Team Building Activities can be played with as few as two people or as many as 500; a game can last 5 minutes or a half hour; it’s objective might be to take something, bring something, find something, or to simply be the last person standing.

Depending on the game play you choose tactics will vary -- from being quiet and sneaky and picking your shots carefully, to being loud, fast, and shooting constantly. A paintball game can is different every time, but there’s one thing that stays the same: it’s an adrenaline rush.

Paintball is one of the safest action sports in the world today. It is a sport anyone can play. It teaches safety, teamwork, problem solving and decision making. Fun on the Run Paintball Park (located outside of Dallas in near by Fort Worth) provides all players with proper training and the latest safety equipment before being allowed onto the field. Our experienced staff ensures safe, fair, and fun play.

Some of the uses and benefits of paintball include:

  • *Management Training
  • *Team Building
  • *Engendering Team Spirit & Initiative
  • *Assessing Leadership Qualities
  • *Improving Staff communication
  • *Client/Staff Entertainment or Outing
  • *Relaxation, Exercise and Inspiration
  • *A day of non stop fun!
  • *Inter Company/Department Challenges
  • *Company Outing/Family Day
  • *Breakdown of Employer/Employee Barriers
  • *Improved Morale
  • *Breakdown of Sex Barriers
  • *Opportunity to Experience Individual Personalities Outside the Workplace

Some Comments From
The Team Building Challengers

"This beats those formal courses that cost three times as much and do not even get half of the results."

"After completing the one day Paintball Team Building Program our associates were going out of their way to help each other."

"It really opened our lines of communication."

"We were so busy having fun we didn't realize we were doing a team building exercise."

"You learn to work closer together by actually doing it in a very relaxed atmosphere."

Team building can make the difference between co-workers who succeed or who fail as a team. Team building can help create a smoother workplace amongst members of any group. Mistrust, bad communication skills and lack of responsibility are many factors which can have an enormously negative impact on a team, a department, and a company. Our team-building program can help break through those barriers by getting team members immersed in games and situations where problem solving, goal setting and reliability play key roles. Working together as a team creates confidence and trust between individuals, enabling them to overcome problems and roadblocks both on and off of the paintball field.

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