New To Paintball?

Around 1980, a couple guys in New Hampshire were talking about a recent hunting trip one of them had taken. The conversation turned to how they could re-create the excitement, skill and adrenaline rush of the thrill of a hunt, without harming the “target”.

About a year and a half later, another friend showed them a paintball gun, which had historically been used by loggers for marking trees and cattlemen for marking cattle. The two guys came up with the idea of using the paintball marker to hunt each other. Thus the sport of paintball was created. In the early 80s, paintball games started to take shape. These survival games, similar to capture the flag, placed teams against each other. The initial guns were clumsy and slow loading, the protective gear was makeshift or borrowed from workshops and the paint used was oil-based.

Today, the modern paintball player wear special protective gear and use rapid-fire paintball guns that shoot water-soluble biodegradable, non-toxic gelatin “paint” capsules.

Park Safety Rules

Paintball player at fort worth paintball


Always, ALWAYS keep your goggles on while in a shooting area. Paintball is an inherently safe sport as long as the required safety equipment is worn during play. Virtually the only way a paintball can injure you is if you are hit in the eyes. We require that everyone not in a protected area keep his or her goggles on AT ALL TIMES. All of our rental goggles also include complete ear and face protection. If your goggles fog up, you are not allowed to remove them to clean them. You must keep your goggles on at all times. If you need assistance, call for a referee. Players removing goggles on the field will be pulled from the game and could result in ejection from the park.

Safe fun Paintball game at Fun On The Run in fort worth texas

Barrel Bags/Barrel Covers

Safety first at Fort Worth Paintball Barrel Covers MUST be in the barrel of your paintmarker AT ALL TIMES when you are not playing a game or are in a safe zone. This is a safety measure to prevent accidental discharge of paintballs in an area where players are without proper eye protection. Absolutely No removal of the barrel cover/ shooting in registration area, safe zones, parking areas or any other Non-Shooting Area, this could result in ejection from the park. 
Good Habit to always keep your finger off the trigger, when not in a game. 

Game Play Rules

Game Elimination

You are eliminated from the game if you are hit by a paintball on any part of your body (including the markerand goggles) and the hit leaves a mark the size of a quarter or larger. Splatter and marks smaller than a quarter (as well as bounces) do not count as elimination, but if splatter accumulates to an elimination-sized mark, you are eliminated from that game.

If you are eliminated from play, immediately signal the referees and opposing players by yelling "HIT!" or "OUT!" and raising your hand above your head. Opposing players should immediately cease fire on that player. Quickly move quickly toward the Exit the field of play and place your barrel cover on your marker. While moving toward the field exit. Point your marker in the air and one hand over your head as you exit the field. Players still alive should NOT fire on any player exhibiting the above signs of elimination.

Any player exhibiting the signs of elimination IS ELIMINATED. You cannot say "I'm hit" and then after you realize it didn't break, turn around and keep playing. Once you say you're hit, players will stop shooting at you and move on. If you are suddenly back in the game, it's not fair to them because they may now be in a bad spot. Once you say you're out, you are out. There will be other games.

Once you are out of the game, you are not allowed to signal or talk to any active player or otherwise relay any information about the ongoing game, including positions of players, number of players, positions or status of flag stations, etc. "ELIMINATED PLAYER’S DON'T TALK" is the key phrase here.

Surrender Rule

To avoid having player's fire at each other from close range, we prefer everyone use the 20 foot rule

  • 1. If you are within 20 feet of an opposing player and have an obvious elimination shot, ask them to surrender.
  • 2. If you are within 20 feet of an opposing player who asks you to surrender, please do so. You will have lots of other chances to play.
  • 3. However, a player who is asked to surrender does have the choice to continue playing.


All markers must be chronographed and tagged by staff daily, before player begins play. Players can not adjust their marker after it has been chronographed. Players must use, ASTM Approved, Paintball Goggles and barrel covers. No potentially dangerous, homemade or modified gear. We only allow Field Air & Co2 no outside refills are allowed. All personal cylinders must meet all D.O.T. Regulations


All players and spectators must stand at least five feet from all netted areas and 20 feet metal mesh areas. Leaning against or standing to close to these area could cause injury. No climbing trees, fences, walls, or on top of any structure. Avoid any field hazards, NATURAL OR MAN-MADE


Our Staff are on the field to enforce rules of play, start and stop games, assist guests with equipment, and help the players in any way possible. Our Staff have the final ruling in elimination's and rule enforcement. Staff will instruct players at the beginning of each session as to the rules.(which may change from time to time) Paintball is just a game but it's not a fun game when people break the rules.

Please refrain from playing after you're hit, wiping off paint, shooting at close range, etc. You will be eliminated from the game for breaking rules. You may be asked to leave if it becomes a habit. Always follow the any Staff instructions both on and off the field - they are there for your safety. Anyone found intentionally shooting a field staff would be ejected for the rest of the day.

Park Etiquette

We are a family establishment, So please leave any bad manners and bad language at home. You can and will be removed from a game if you cannot control your language. You can be asked to leave if it is a severe problem. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for any player physically hitting, fighting, grabbing, or "lighting up" another player on the field. Any player acting in this manner will immediately be removed from the field and told to leave without a refund.

Help us keep the park clean! Please do not litter and throw away any trash before leaving. No Glass Containers and Absolutely NO ALCOHOL / DRUGS will be allowed on the premises. Anyone found consuming alcohol or found to be under the influence would be denied further play. Paintball and Alcohol do not mix! Fighting, or damage to any property of the Fun On The Run Inc., or others will result in prosecution  Please remember that paintball is just a game. Please inform staff of any players who breaks the rules