Pee-Wee Paintball

Your Pee-Wee Paintball package, for player 6 year old and up, would provide each player with a Pee-Wee Paintball Pump marker. A chest Protector Vest and a Rental Barrel Blocking Device would also be included. We would provide each player with a face mask and goggles. The face mask and goggles is ASTM approved and would provide for head, ear, and temple protection. All Player would also receive a Safety and rules briefing.

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Pee-Wee Paintball Information

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Pee-Wee Equipment

Pee-Wee Paintball uses light weight, limited ammo pump shot guns. The Pee-Wee markers, are powered by only spring power to keep the velocity low.

Pee -Wee Paintball field in Fort Worth Texas

Lower Impact

Pee-Wee Paintball has a 45% slower velocity, than traditional paintball, and with a paintball that is 27% smaller. What does that mean, a slower traveling paintball, with no worry of the sting of being hit!

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.50 Cal Paintballs

Pee-Wee paintball, use a limited ammo Pump paintball marker, Pee-wee Paintball Private groups include a 100 Low Impact paintballs, per player.

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Playing Field

Pee-Wee Paintball, is played on our spectator friendly themed courses. Your group will get all the paintball fun, with the ability for your friends and family to cheer on the players. We do provide picnic style setting, with covered area including tables and chair to relax and take those much-needed breaks during the day. Plus access to full service concession stand, pro-shop and more.

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Ages 6 and up 

Pee-Wee Paintball uses equipment designed for ages 6 year old and up. However, if grownups want to be a kid for a day they can too.

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Paintball FUN!

Pee-Wee Paintball is a great way to get into the game of paintball, without any of the worry of being hit hard and when the players get older they are ready to move up to the next paintball style of play.