Airsoft Games

Airsoft is a extreme sport similar to Paintball in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting them with 6 mm plastic bio-degradable Airsoft-BB’s, that can be powered by CO2, or battery powered. With a realistic look add to the gaming experience

We offer Airsoft games ,every Saturday all year long

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Airsoft Pricing

Airsoft Game Field Fee DFW Fort Worth

Airsoft Park Pass: $23.10

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The Fun On The Run Airsoft Park Pass includes entrance to the park. Biodegradable Airsoft-BB's Only NO other airsoft- BB's allowed! Visual Inspections done daily

Airsoft Rental for Airsoft Games in Fort Worth Dallas

USA Rental Package: $39.99

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All Rental Packages Include all equipment needed and park pass...Just add Airsoft Bio-BB's. Fun On The Run only rents select fire airsoft markers. All rental markers must use Fun On The Run Airsoft-BB's! No Outside Airsoft-BB's allowed in rentals. Must Have a Picture ID for Rentals

Airsoft BB's Pricing

All Airsoft-BB's sold at Fun On The Run are first run premium grade quality biodegradable Airsoft BB's.

2500 ct .20g BIO: $15.99
5000 ct .20g BIO: $22.99
5000 ct .25g BIO: $27.99
5000ct .28g BIO: $28.99

Add More Fun To your Run (Up-Grades)

Goggle Rental: $3.00
Spare Mag: $4.62
Chest Protector: $6.99
AEG Battery: $4.00
Camo Jump Suit: $6.99
Barrel Blocker (BBD): $5.99
P* Tank Rental: $4.62

All prices are plus local sales tax of 8.25% and are subject to change without notice, items are subject to availability. All renters must have a valid picture I.D. and accept full responsibility for the care of the equipment while it is in there possession. Renter will be responsible for the replacement at full retail value of any equipment rented, not returned and or damaged to Fun on The Run Inc.