Airsoft Information

Airsoft Games, for player 10 year old and up, would provide each player with a AEG Airsoft marker, one 500ct. magazine, and a Rental Barrel Blocking Device would also be included. We would provide each player with a face mask and goggles. The face mask and goggles is ASTM approved and would provide for head, ear, and temple protection. All Player would also receive a Safety and rules briefing. We offer Open Play Airsoft games ,every Saturday all year long and private  games 7 day a week

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Airsoft Rules & Info

Airsoft Games in Dallas Fort Worth Bio BB's

Bio Airsoft BB’s

At Fun On the Run we want to keep the park and the environment in good shape, we only allow Biodegradable Airsoft-BB’s. We only carry Airsoft BB’s from the top manufactures, All Airsoft-BB’s must be Biodegradable .20 grams or higher.

Airsoft Goggles required in Ft Worth

Goggles /Face Pro

We only allow,Fully sealed approved goggle systems, that must be used in all B.B.D off areas. You may use paintball goggle mask systems or approved Airsoft goggles that meet or exceed ASTM standards. Your Full face and ears must be covered either by a mask system or balaclava or bandana! (This is a requirement and is no longer an option regardless of age.

DFW Airsoft Games in Ft Worth / Dallas

Barrel Sock / Dead Rag

All Non-Holstered Equipment, MUST HAVE a Commercially produced B.B.D (Barrel Sock) that is in good condition and tightly secured with a lanyard. This is part of our Safety Frist Standard. These are available to purchase at the park. Great idea to have Dead Rag: Must be a Red 12” x 12” (or bigger) rag to signal you are are eliminated from the game.


Any hit on a player, anywhere on ones body is a elimination. Including from your own team. CALL YOUR HITS….Cheaters have no honor, Play with honor. After you are eliminated yell "hit" very loudly and raise your Eliminated Red Rag over your head. Eliminated players may not communicate with or supply any other players on the field. A player must be able to safety aim and identify their target. Verify all your targets, to continue to pelt a eliminated player or referee, could result in exposition from the park.

Airsoft Equipment for airsoft ops in Fort Worth DFW


All Equipment must meet of Safety Velocity standard, equipment must be checked and verified daily.

  • Mutli-Mode Airsoft: 400 FPS maximum, with a 20 foot Minimum Engagement distance (M.E.D.)
  • Secondary Semi /Spring: 350 FPS maximum, with a Zero foot Minimum Engagement distance (M.E.D.)
  • Long Distance: 500 FPS maximum, with a 100 foot Minimum Engagement distance (M.E.D.) Small Cap Restriction. Equipment definition: MUST NOT have the ability to go F/A

No Smoke in Fort Worth Airsoft Games Fun On The Run

Smoke / Sound Devices

NO SMOKE Devices of any Type are allowed at Fun On The Run. Use one would be against City of Fort Worth Ordinances. Sound Devices are allowed to be used safely. Commercially produced Only Sound Simulated Thunder B type or Tornado are Allowed.